Cambodia :: Government

Country name: Cambodia

Official name: Kingdom of Cambodia

Former names: (1) Khmer Republic, (2) Democratic Kampuchea, (3) People's Republic of Kampuchea, (4) State of Cambodia

Capital city: Phnom Penh

Year of independence: 9 November 1953 (from France)

National holiday: Independence Day, 9 November (1953)

Head of state: King Norodom SIHAMONI (since 29 October 2004)
The monarch is chosen by a Royal Throne Council.

Head of government: Prime Minister HUN SEN (since 14 January 1985)
Following legislative elections, a member of the majority party or majority coalition is named prime minister by the Chairman of the National Assembly and appointed by the king.

Type of government: multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy

Legislature: bicameral (two houses) consisting of the National Assembly and the Senate

National flag: three horizontal bands of blue (top), red (double width), and blue with a white three-towered temple representing Angkor Wat outlined in black in the center of the red band;
blue = royalty
red = the nation
building = Angkor Wat = structure of the universe

The Cambodian flag is the only flag in the world to feature a building.