Cleaning the classroom
       The pupils are in the classroom. It is very dirty. They are helping to clean up the classroom.

       Louise wipes the whiteboard with a duster. Kenny and Lionel sweep the floor with a broom. There is a lot of litter on the floor. Peter empties the waste-paper basket.

       Some pupils help to arrange the storybooks in the class library. The library corner looks neat and clean now.

       The pupils are happy to keep the classroom clean. All of us must keep our classrooms clean.

Teo Wei Lie,   Pri 1/4,   2004

       It is recess time. Some pupils are in the classroom. They help to clean their classroom.

       Two children are at the library corner. They help to arrange the books on the book shelf. Jane wipes the whiteboard with a duster. Alan empties the rubbish from the waste paper basket into a dustbin.

       Two children sweep the floor. They use brooms.

       The pupils feel happy. They like to help their teacher by keeping their classroom neat and clean.

Velu,   Pri 1/5,   2004