A Beehive
       Last Monday morning, Tim was bored. He decided to play soccer with Tom and Harry. He went to ask Tom and Harry to play with him at the park. Tom and Harry agreed. They went there with a ball happily. When they reached the park, they started to play. They played excitedly.

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       Tom kicked the ball to Harry. Harry kicked the ball to Tim. They played happily. Tim used his head to hit the ball instead of kicking it. The ball bounced upwards.

       Unfortunately, the ball hit a beehive and woke the bees up. A swarm of bees flew out of the beehive angrily and chased the three boys. The three boys ran as quickly as they could.

       They were very frightened. They tried to run away from the bees. Just then, they saw a river. They jumped into the water. Tim was badly stung by the bees. They went home sadly.

Patricia Lim,   Pri 2/1,   2004

       It was a fine day. There were some boys playing under a big, shady tree. Lynson decided to play soccer with them. They played excitedly and perspired a lot.

       Lynson kicked the ball high up. He kicked it high into the sky. He hit the ball so hard that it bounced upwards into the tree. They ran to pick the ball. The boys were shocked by what they saw.

       The ball had hit a beehive in the tree. A swarm of bees flew out angrily. The boys felt very frightened when the bees chased after them. The boys ran for their lives. They were afraid of getting stung by the bees.

       The boys ran away quickly and saw a river ahead. As they jumped into the water, one of the boys got stung by the bees and he cried profusely.

       The boys were scolded by their parents when they got home. They had learnt a lesson that day.

Cher King Yio,   Pri 2/3,   2004