Casper, the Friendly Ghost
       One day, I was taking an eye break. I was looking out of the window. I saw Casper, the friendly ghost. I always dreamed of seeing Casper. He is kind, happy, cute and helpful. Casper was trying to make friends with everyone but they just shouted “GHOST!” and ran away.

       It was exciting seeing Casper alive. I shouted out to Casper, “Hey Casper what are you doing?” He answered, “First of all, I am trying to make friends with everyone and second of all, I can’t see where I’m going and everything seems so blur.” Just then Captain Eye appeared from nowhere. He said, “Never fear when I am here!” He had a box full of glasses!

       He said, “Try on these glasses, Casper.” Casper tried them on and one of them was just right, Captain Eye said, “You can keep that.” Then he vanished into thin air! Casper learnt an important lesson about caring for his eyes. Since that encounter with Captain Eye, Casper has been taking good care of his eyes by having vision breaks.