An Accident
       Mary lived in an HDB flat. She was very hot tempered and spoke rudely to others. One afternoon, Mary and Julia were quarrelling at the balcony of Mary's house. They both quarrelled fiercely. A neighbour living next door was watching them.

       Mary was very angry with Julia for breaking her favourite vase. Mary scolded Julia and pushed her. Then, Julia's elbow hit the flower pot and it fell over the balcony. They both stopped quarrelling.

       Mary and Julia gasped in horror as they watched the flower pot falling from the twelfth floor and making its way to the bottom of the flat. At that moment, a passer-by was walking past the flat. An old man wanted to tell him that he was going to be hit by the flower pot but it was too late. A "crash" and an "ouch!" were heard when the flower pot hit his head.

       The same old man called for the ambulance and the police. In five minutes, the ambulance and the police arrived at the scene. The neighbour who saw the whole thing told the police everything that he had seen. The police asked him to be the witness.

       The injured man was brought to the hospital for treatment. Mary, Julia and the "witness" were taken to the police station for questioning. Poor Mary and Julia had to pay a heavy fine and they also had to pay for the victim's medical bills. On top of that, they had to be sent for counselling at the Family Service Centre.