An Accident
       It was a beautiful morning. The rumbling of buses and cars broke the silence of the night. John's favorite alarm clock rang and woke him up. John yawned loudly and looked at the clock. John had overslept and he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and bathe himself. He put on his uniform and grabbed his bag. Then he rushed to school. He had forgotten to eat breakfast.

       John ran as fast as he could. Instead of using the pedestrian crossing for his own safety, he decided to dash across the road. He did not want to miss the exciting lessons in school. However, he did not notice an oncoming vehicle moving towards him. Mr. Tan asked his friend to stop the car but it was too late. His friend could not control his car in time. The car hit John and he was thrown a metre away. The only thing that could be heard was a "Bang!"

       John was unconscious and he was bleeding profusely. His uniform was soaked with blood and the books from his school bag were scattered all over the road. He was seriously injured. The two men from the car got out and carried John to the nearest hospital. Jack, who was John's friend, saw what had happened from the school bus and he informed John's parents about the incident.

       John's parents went to the hospital where Mr. Tan and his friend had taken him. Tears flowed from his parents' eyes. Before the doctor allowed John's parents to see John, he told them that John's life was not in danger but he had to be hospitalized. John's parents were relieved to hear that but they were mad with John. He should have used the pedestrian crossing instead of dashing across the road. John had learnt a painful lesson and he promised not to dash across the road even when he was late for school.