An Accident at Home
       One beautiful morning, the sun was shining like a golden nugget in the clear blue sky. Mary woke up feeling fresh. She washed her face and brushed her teeth. Mary was asked to iron the clothes by her mother. After ironing some clothes, she took out her favourite dress from the cupboard and began to iron it because she wanted to wear it for the game show at night. All of a sudden, the phone rang!

       Mary went to answer the telephone. It was Mr. Chong, the director of the game show. Mr. Chong said, "Remember to come for the game show!" Mary replied, "OK." Then they continued to talk for a long time. Mary smelt some smoke and it took her a while to realize that it was from the ironing board. Mary switched off the power and removed the iron in a nick of time.

       Unfortunately, some material on the ironing board had started burning. The fire had spread to the curtains and the telephone. Mary did not know what to do. All of a sudden, the telephone exploded. She went to her neighbour's house to call the fire brigade. The fire brigade arrived in the blink of an eye. Mary was sent to the hospital.

       When Mary was discharged, she called Mr. Chong and said that she would go to the next game show. As for the burnt house, it needed one and a half month to be renovated. So Mary went to her cousin's house to stay.

       At the next game show, Mary won a dress that was exactly like her favourite dress which was ruined by the iron. When the burnt house was renovated, she moved back and lived there happily.