An Adventure
       One sunny Sunday, Violet, Amanda, Kah Wai and I went to the beach for a picnic. After we had finished our food, Amanda suggested that we row a boat out to sea to feel the lovely sea breeze. Everyone agreed.

       When we were about 30 metres away from the shore, it began drizzling. The rain was getting heavier by the moment and minutes later, the boat was rocking furiously. Strong currents were pushing us further and further away from the shore. Then the waves began building. Higher and higher they became. Suddenly, the waves toppled down on us and the boat capsized. We spat out the nasty salty water as our heads popped out of the water. We were drifting in the sea, struggling to keep afloat.After an hour, the storm died down. We were exhausted and slowly sinking. All of us were tormented by thirst and hunger.

       Just at that moment, a fisherman’s boat appeared out of nowhere. We splashed and shouted. Amanda pretended to sink and drown. We did all kinds of things to attract the fisherman’s attention. Finally, the fisherman saw us! He rowed his boat over, took a look at us and said, “Say, aren’t ya the lil’ gals that were ‘ported missin’?” He hauled us up and rowed us to shore.

       When we reached the shore, he called the police and told them where we were. They came with our parents. We were cold and dripping wet. Violet’s parents allowed her to come to my house. Kah Wai’s parents went home after permitting her to stay overnight at my house. Amanda’s parents came in for a chat while Amanda, Kah Wai, Violet and I were upstairs in my room wrapped up in blankets, drinking hot cocoa and watching TV. After that nasty experience, none of us ever went to the beach again.