An Adventure
       Last Sunday, Kinnard, Wei Yi, Jon and I went to Sentosa as we wanted to go canoeing. When we reached there, we walked to Siloso Beach. By the time we arrived at the beach, the sky was blue. After that, we carried our canoe into the water and started rowing out to the sea. When we were in the middle of the sea, the sky was covered with black clouds and the sea turned stormy.

       Lightning flashed everywhere and thunder roared. Suddenly, a huge wave capsized the canoe. The strong currents almost crushed the canoe. We held onto the canoe. The canoe seemed to sink lower and lower. Then we realized that the canoe had a hole and it was sinking. We were tormented by thirst and hunger. We were exhausted as we had been treading water. We were struggling to keep afloat.

       Time seemed to stretch into infinity. When Kinnard looked at his waterproof watch, it was already 3.30 pm. We saw a fisherman’s boat passing by but the fisherman did not notice us. Then we saw a shark moving swiftly in the water. We tried to swim away but the shark kept swimming towards us. Suddenly, the shark jumped out of the water. Fortunately, just at that moment, lightning struck the shark and it died.

       After waiting for four hours, a helicopter flew above us. We tried to get its attention by waving our hands in the air. The pilot saw us. The people in the helicopter threw down a rope ladder for us to climb up. Then my friends and I were very happy because we were saved. When the helicopter landed, our parents were waiting for us.