A Bad Day
       It was drizzling lightly and it was a good time to sleep. Bam! Bam! Bam! "What could it be? My alarm clock doesn't make such a loud sound!"

       Jane slowly opened one eye, then the other. She was horrified when she realized that it was her ferocious mother knocking continuously at her door.

       Her mother shouted, "How can you still be sleeping at this time?" Just then, Jane turned her head and stared horridly at her alarm clock. She was petrified. It was only ten minutes before assembly at school.

       Jane dashed into her bathroom. She grabbed her toothpaste but there was no tooth paste left. Wasting no time, she turned on the tap and took a cup of water to rinse her smelly mouth.

       When she got to school, she was very late and a prefect jotted her name down in his notebook. Her heart sank and she dragged her feet to her classroom. When she got to class, she saw her friends handing in their English workbooks. Jane searched her whole bag but she could not find her workbook. She was reprimanded by her teacher and had to stand outside the classroom for half an hour.

       During recess, Jane was walking to the canteen and grumbling to her friend at the same time. Suddenly, she slipped on a piece of paper on the floor. Some of her schoolmates around her burst into fits of laughter. Just then, a teacher walked past and helped her up. Jane said, "Thank you!" Jane walked slowly to the canteen. Soon, the bell rang and Jane did not have enough time to eat. She limped back to her classroom, thinking of her poor aching back.

       After school, things did not get any better. She tried to take a bus home "Oh no! This bus doesn't seem to lead me home!" she exclaimed. "I have taken the wrong bus!" In the end, she took a taxi home and spent a lot of money. When she reached home, she bathed, lay down on the sofa and moaned. "Oh! What a bad day I had!"