Bird Flu
       It was a hot and humid Sunday. I went to my uncle’s farm. I played with my game boy. After I had played with my game boy, my mother told me to walk around the farm for a while and take an eye break.

       So I walked around the farm. Then I saw a chicken that was so cute. I cupped it in my hands. I asked my mother whether I could take it home. My uncle and my mother agreed.

       When we went home, I took care of the chicken and fed it and played with it, Unfortunately, after a few weeks, my mother said I was losing weight and took me to see the doctor.

       The doctor said that I had bird flu. When I heard it, I almost fainted. The doctor said that I needed to stay in the hospital for one week.

       After one week, I recovered. I told my mother that I did not want the chicken anymore. My mother took the chicken back to my uncle. She scolded my uncle. My uncle said, “Sorry!” My mother forgave him. She told him to kill all the chickens to protect himself from getting the bird flu. So he killed all the chickens.