A Burglary
       It was midnight. John was taking a stroll near his house. He was walking home when he saw a burglar with a sack climbing up the wall of a neighbour's house. He quickly went home to call the police.

       When the police officer answered the telephone, John told him what he had seen. The police officer said that the police would be there in a few minutes.

       After jumping down from the wall, the burglar crept quietly through the window into the house. The police waited at the corner near John's house.

       When the burglar came out, the police quickly arrested him. The police brought the burglar to the police station to ask him some questions. The burglar was charged in court and sentenced to jail for two years.

       The police praised John for calling the police. When his parents came home, he told his parents what had happened. His parents praised him for being alert and for calling the police.