A Burglary
       It was night. The sun made way for the full moon. Ali and June were walking to the cinema. The title of the movie, which they were watching, was "The Burglar". Soon they reached the cinema. They bought some popcorn and drinks, and went into the cinema to watch the movie. Half way through the movie, Ali remembered an incident, which happened to him two years ago. This was what happened.

       Ali and June were walking home from school. Out of the blue, they heard some noises. Then they saw a house with the door ajar they went to take a look. They saw two burglars, one had long hair and the other was bald. Both wore black shirts.

       Ali whispered to June, "Tell mother to call the police now!" June ran as fast as she could to her house. When June reached her house, she quickly sprinted to the kitchen to tell her mother about the burglars. June's mother called the police immediately and told them what had happened.

       A few moments later, the burglars heard the police siren. They quickly dashed out of the house, each holding a bag full of jewels, rubies and sapphires. The burglars knew that the police would use the lift so they decided to use the staircase. However, it was too late. The police had already surrounded the whole block. The burglars were very frightened. Suddenly, one of the burglars took out a rifle and shot at the police. The police had no choice but to shoot the burglars. "Bang!!!!" The police shot the burglars. Blood oozed out of the burglars' wounds. The police captured the burglars and put them into jail. Then, the police realized that the burglars were the ones who had recently escaped from jail. This time they would have a longer sentence for sure!

       At this time, the movie had just ended. Ali and June went back home sleepily. Ali wondered whether June would be reminded of the incident he had just recalled.