A Good Deed
       I was at home doing my Mathematics. I had been writing for one hour. My mother said, “Apple, you should take an eye break now. You’ve been doing near work for an hour.” I said, “Yes, Mum I will take my eye break.” I looked out of the window. I saw something zooming down from the tree. I decided to go out and take a look. I asked Mum for permission before I went out. When I stepped out of my house, there lay a tiny defenceless bird in front of me.

       The poor little bird looked so weak! I begged my mother to let me keep the tiny, helpless bird. My mother said, “All right, you may keep this bird if you wish, but you must release the bird once it has recovered.” I said, “No problem!”

       I spent all my pocket money buying worms from the pet shop. I bought a cage for the bird.

       I took good care of the bird. I bathed the bird. I put antiseptic cream on the poor little bird’s leg. I fed the bird with worms. The tiny little bird soon grew big and fat.

       Not long after, the bird finally recovered, The helpless bird was strong and healthy. It kept chirping at me as if it was saying, “Thank you!” to me.