One sunny morning, Lena woke up excitedly because she and her parents were going to Hong Kong to visit her aunt. A week before the departure date, Lena and her parents had packed their luggage.

       Lena was happy as it was the first time she was travelling in a plane. She could see some birds and fluffy clouds outside from where she was seated. Soon, the sky turned dark and began to rain cats and dogs. After a while, thunder roared and lightning flashed. The lightning struck the plane. The plane lost control and crashed onto a building.

Drag to help us to the hospital
       Someone saw what had happened and quickly fished out his handphone from his pocket. He called the ambulance too. The passengers in the plane and those people who were injured in the building were sent to the nearest hospital. Some of the people were severely injured and some of the people were dead.

       Lena and her parents were fortunate. They did not die during that accident but they were badly injured. The doctor attended to their injuries quickly.

       Lena and her parents woke up and saw themselves lying on the beds in the hospital. They were glad that they were still alive. About a week later, they were discharged. They needed to rest for a month before they could recover fully.