The Quarrel
       It was morning. The rising sun dispersed the chill of the night. Sam was awakened by the two sisters, who were quarrelling fiercely next door. "Stop quarrelling!" Sam shouted angrily at the two girls in the balcony. However, they ignored Sam's advice. They continued quarrelling. The older sister, Jane, had lost her puppy and blamed it on her sister, Zana. Zana was playing with her puppy before it went missing.

       All of a sudden, Jane lost her temper and pushed Zana to the edge of the balcony. Zana did not see the potted plant. She knocked against the potted plant and it tumbled down.

       A man was walking by and the potted plant hit the man's head. Blood oozed out from his head. Jane and Zana realized that the passer-by was actually their father who was on his way to work. An old man saw what had happened and decided to call for the police and an ambulance. The sisters rushed down the staircase and sprinted to their father. They were shocked to see their father in a pool of blood.

       Soon, the ambulance and the police arrived. The paramedics took out a stretcher from the ambulance. They put the sisters' father onto the stretcher and took him to the hospital. The police questioned Jane and Zana. They hung their heads low in shame. They regretted quarrelling over a small matter and decided not to quarrel ever again.