A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
       It was morning. The rising sun dispersed the chill of the night. Mary and John woke up very early. They quickly woke their mother up because she needed to go to work.

       Mary and John's mother warned them not to open the door to any stranger. They both said, "OK!" in a loud voice.

       Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door. John and Mary remembered their mother's warning and they did not open the door. However, the man said that he was Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben was John and Mary's neighbour and he often gave presents to them. John and Mary opened the door. They saw Uncle Ben holding a present. They quickly let Uncle Ben in. Suddenly, Uncle Ben slammed the door shut.

       Uncle Ben took out a knife and told them to be quiet or he would kill them. Uncle Ben took out a rope and tied them up. Later he rummaged the house for valuables. Fortunately, a neighbour saw Uncle Ben from a window and he even saw John and Mary being tied up. He quickly called Mary and John's mother. Their mother was shocked when she heard what had happened. She quickly bought a frying pan and ran home.

       When John and Mary's mother reached the house, she sneaked in quietly. She used her frying pan and knocked it onto Uncle Ben's head. Uncle Ben felt giddy and fainted. Their mother quickly released them. Then she called for the police. The police caught Uncle Ben and sent him to jail. John and Mary learnt that Uncle Ben seemed very nice but he was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.