An Autobiography of a Dog
       I am a little puppy and my name is Shappy. I have already lived on earth for half a year. My owner is a kind little girl, named Jenny. Jennyís father bought me for her as a birthday present. At first I was very afraid of Jenny. As the time went by, I began to like Jenny very much. She often gave me liver for my dinner. I was quite happy living there. I ran so fast that I could chase a car. I would like to tell you an experience that I had last month.

       One cool night, the soft wind was blowing against my ears. As I was about to sleep in my kennel, I heard some noise. I thought it was Jenny coming back from her friendís party. I was very happy and I started running towards the gate. To my surprise, I saw a stranger. "He must be a thief! A thief is breaking into Jennyís house. Oh! What am I going to do? Iím still a puppy, I cannot fight with a dangerous human," I thought. So I decided to call for help! I ran towards the thief and barked at him. The thief saw me and quickly ran inside the house and locked the front door. During that time, Mr. and Mrs. Tan had gone out and no one was in the house. I saw the thief going into Mr. and Mrs. Tanís room to search for money and valuables. I quickly ran towards the gate thinking that I could squeeze through that gate, but I was too fat and it was impossible for me the squeeze through it. I was very sad as I could not protect my mistressí house.

       Suddenly I had an idea. I started barking at my neighborís house. The thief had just come out with two heavy bags in his hands. He put the bags on the floor and took out some rope and tied me up with it. He brought me to a warehouse. At that time I was too tired and sleepy. In the morning, I felt like I was riding in a car. I opened my eyes and saw that there was a rope round my neck. I saw the thief driving the car towards a pet shop. I was taken aback when the thief sold me to the pet shop owner. I lived in the pet shop for two days. Suddenly, I saw the owner of the shop going out. I ran towards the door and escaped from the owner. I ran as fast as I could towards my mistressí house.

       When I reached there, I saw Jenny crying, I barked when I saw Jenny. When Jenny saw me, she was very happy. She quickly lifted me up and hugged me and then we heard a cry. Mr. Tan came out from the house and said, "Oh my god! All our money and valuables are gone."

       I barked at him and ran towards the gate. Mr. Tan seemed to know what I was trying to do. He called the police. A policeman followed me to the warehouse where the thief had taken me. When the police opened the door, they saw the thief still packing the valuables. The policeman caught the thief and brought him to the police station. Mr. Tan was very happy. He bought me my favorite food - DOG FOOD!