An Autobiography of a Doll
       I am Lana, the doll. I was born in New York City at a toy factory called "Super Toys Factory". I was then transferred to Vivo City, "Toys R US" in Singapore. There, I met a friend. His name was DoDo. He was a teddy bear. He was soft and fluffy.

       Shortly after, I was bought by a woman. I could not bear to leave my friends. I was wrapped in a wrapping paper. It was warm and stuffy inside the wrapping paper. After one day, a little girl opened the wrapping paper. Her face was cute and round, and her cheeks were flushed.

       Soon, I got to know her name. She was called Selina. She treated me very well. She would not let her naughty brother play with me or even touch me. A few days later, I met DoDo. When I saw DoDo, we cried happily. At night, we talked to each other. I asked, "Who brought you here?" He replied, "Oh! It was Selinaís grandma. She bought me."

       After about a week, I heard that we were going to Genting Highlands. We were very excited. On the actual day, Selina put us gently inside the luggage. When we reached Genting Highlands, Selina carried us to the roller-coaster. It was very scary. Suddenly, Selina put her hands on the handle. That was when we dropped all the way to the ground. We cried, "Selina, donít leave without us!"

       We were picked up by a little girl called Mary. She lived in New York. When we heard that, we were elated. We stayed in her toy room. We lived happily with Mary. One day, Mary was very furious because her father would not let her buy any new toys. Her father said, "Since, you have a doll and a teddy bear, you do not need to buy any new toys!"

       Mary punched us and kicked us every day, every night and every hour. One day, she threw us out of the bungalow. We cried bitterly. We had wounds all over our bodies. Then, a man picked us up. He said, "This doll and bear came from Super Toy Factory! Iím going to take them back to the toy factory." We were overjoyed as we knew that a new adventure was about to beginÖ