An Autobiography of a Mouse
       My name is Mickey. I am a mouse in America. I have many brothers and sisters. Our biggest enemy is man. We live in a hole in a woman’s house.

       There is a dumb cat in the kitchen. Every time he gets a brother or sister of mine, he would be rewarded with a sardine. We find it difficult to get food because there are hundreds of mousetraps in the kitchen.

       One night, I tiptoed to the kitchen and heard some loud snoring. I believed that the cat was sleeping so I happily walked to the fridge. "Crap! Ouch! Aw!" Oh no, I stepped onto a big mousetrap. The cat woke up and rushed to the kitchen without looking. I thought it was all over……"Crap! Crack! Crash! Crap! Ouch!" Ha! Ha! The cat stepped on a mousetrap too. He struggled and gave out loud meows. This time the woman was awakened by the loud noise. She turned on the light…

       "Tom, you stupid cat, shut up and go to sleep!" By that time, my brothers had already got me out of the stupid mousetrap. Meanwhile, Tom was kicked out of the house.

       We thought our troubles were all over. But the next day, the old woman got another fierce, huge… no…an enormous cat! But worst of all, he was a cat with hundreds of ideas and tricks. He caught my brother and me and sold us to the other cats. With the money he got, he bought sardines to eat. As for the cats who bought us, they would put on a show for their owners. Poor old Tom was digging in the dustbin. He bought us both for twenty-cents. We told him all the things that had happened to us and we shared our ideas with Tom.

       We went into the woman’s house. "Argggg!" she shouted. As for Tom, after beating the new cat up, he went into the woman’s house. We sat still and let Tom catch us. The woman said, "Tom, it’s good to have you back!" As for the new cat, he was kicked out of the house.