Attacked by Bees
       One sunny and windy day, my best friend, Sam, and I were going on an excursion with our class to Labrador Park. When we reached Labrador Park, we saw a rambutan tree with big juicy rambutans. When we got down the bus, we followed our teacher to research on some mini creatures. Sam was getting thirsty while I was getting hungry. Sam came to me and said, "Hey buddy, letís go to the rambutan tree without letting the teacher know. Iím thirsty." I replied, "That is a good idea."

       We secretly walked away from our classmates. I stopped and said, "Will we get lost?" Sam replied softly, "I have already been to Labrador Park a hundred times. Do you think we will get lost?" I was speechless and I led the way to the rambutan tree. When we reached there, we were drooling over the rambutans. Sam looked at me with his eyes wide open.

       Sam squatted on the floor with his knees bent. He asked me to climb on his back to get on the tree. I said, "Can you take my weight? I am heavy." "Yes, I will try," Sam replied. I muttered to myself, "Donít regret it, Sam!" I stepped on his back and heard some buzzing noise. I thought it was Sam moaning so I continued to climb up the tree.

       When I reached the branch, I was about to take the rambutans when I heard Sam saying, "Edwin, be careful of the bees on top of you." I looked up and was visibly shaken when I saw the bees. I looked down and saw Sam running away. I accidentally broke the branch and fell down. The branch dropped on my leg and I couldnít move.

       Suddenly, a swam of bees flew down and stung me. I tried to run away but my leg was broken. Just then, my teacher sprayed some Baygon on the bees and the bees died. My face was swollen and puffy. I told myself not to forgive Sam.

       When I got to the hospital, Sam came to visit me with my teacher. Sam apologized to me and my teacher told me that it was Sam who told her that I was attacked by bees. I forgave Sam and we were friends again. I learnt not to walk away without my teacherís permission.