Attacked by Bees
       It was a nice, sunny, Monday. Jim and Tim, two best friends, were on their way to school when Harry and Barry, two stuck-up, nasty twins, sneered at them. "What do you want?" shouted Jim and Tim angrily. "See that rambutan tree over there?" said the twins, "We dare you to pick some rambutans from the tree." Tim, the cleverer boy, said, "No! Its too dangerous!" "Ooh Whats the matter?" Barry cooed. "You chicken?" asked Harry. "Certainly Not!" yelled Jim, losing his temper. "Well accept your dare!" "Jim," whispered Tim, "its just a silly dare, dont listen to them!" But Jim ignored Tim.

"Get on my back, Tim, and climb up the tree!" said Jim as he bent down to let Tim climb up the tree. "Im up! Im up!" shouted Tim. As he was going to pluck some rambutans, he noticed a beehive and he stopped in his tracks. His face turned white with fear. Suddenly, he lost his balance and landed heavily on Jim with a loud thud. "Get up, Jim and run, run, RUN!" screamed Tim.

"What?" asked Jim, "Why?" He looked back and shouted, "Bbb BEES! BEES!" And Jim did a very stupid thing. He swatted a bee. "No! Jim, DONT!" hollered Tim but it was too late. A swarm of bees flew out towards them and they were stung by some bees.

"Ouch! Argh! Ouch!" moaned Tim and Jim as their mothers, Mrs. White and Mrs. Brown, pulled out the stings. "Jim, you should be ashamed of yourself!" nagged Mrs. Brown. "You too, Tim!" added Mrs. White. "Sorry, Ma!" the two boys answered, "Well never do that again." And Mrs. White and Mrs. Brown forgave them.