The Broken Vase
       It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon. My little sister and I were watching television. “What are we doing next?” my little sister asked, out of boredom. I suddenly remembered that the next day was Mum’s birthday. “C’mon little fella, lets go shopping!” I said hurriedly. She had a puzzled look on her face as she turned off the television.

       “Um… Why are we going shopping?” my sister asked with curiosity. “I mean… we have supplies and all that stuff.” “Why is my little sister so stubborn?” I mumbled to myself as I rolled my eyes. “It’s Mother’s birthday tomorrow, dork” I replied, as the bus stopped at Vivo City. We started window-shopping. “Hey!” my sister said suddenly, “Look at this shop! It’s so… old.” I turned and looked. I found myself staring at the majestic antique shop, selling ancient vases, clay pots and rusty, dusty amulets.

       As I entered the shop, I noticed my sister bursting with excitement as she skipped towards the amulets. I avoided the amulets as Mother would prefer a cute keychain to a rusty old amulet. But my sister seemed interested in one of the amulets so I fished out a five-dollar note and gave it to her. From the corner of my eye, I saw a cheap porcelain vase but it had colourful and cheery pictures painted on it. The vase was only twelve dollars so I took it off the shelf. At that moment, a piece of paper was blown off the same shelf where I had taken the vase. It was an information card. As I was reading it, I became excited and the vase slipped off my buttery fingers. CRASH….went the vase as everyone turned to see what was happening. I was dismayed and fearful. I had never had such a big crowd of people staring at me. I felt very humiliated.

       A salesgirl stormed towards me as I tried to pick up the broken pieces. “You’ll have to pay for that!” said the salesgirl firmly. I glumly forked out six two-dollar notes and walked out feeling very moody.

       I started heading towards the exit as I spotted an embroidery shop. As I entered the shop I was thinking of buying some reels of thread and make myself useful, mending clothes. As I bought a reel of white cotton thread, I remembered that Mum had lost her handkerchief. So I decided to make a handkerchief and give it to Mum for her birthday.

       I went home and told my little sister to leave me alone for a few minutes. She agreed unexpectedly. So I got to work sewing the handkerchief. I pulled some lose threads out of my sister’s old skirt. I used them and embroidered a heart on the handkerchief. After I had finished, I was curious as to why my sister had left me alone as she was always bugging me to take her to the playground. I found her making a birthday card.

       The next day, my sister and I surprised Mother with breakfast in bed and our presents. “I prefer presents made by my daughters to the gifts that are bought,” Mother said as she received her gifts and smiled.