The Broken Vase
       One day before my mother’s birthday, I was so excited that I shouted, “Wow! Wow! Yes! Tomorrow is Mummy’s BIRTHDAY!” “Keep quiet! Help me to put up the decorations!” Mom said. I ran out of the house and said, “Mom! I am going out to buy a present for you and I will not tell you what the present is!”

       I took twenty dollars and went to the shopping centre. I searched all the shops but I still could not find a present for my mom. Suddenly, I saw a shop with all kinds of crystals, jewelry and beautiful vases. I went in and looked around to see of there was anything nice enough to give my mom. I saw a vase with butterflies all around it. I looked at the price tag. The vase was only fifteen dollars.

       When I was about to take the vase to the cashier, the vase slipped and fell onto the floor. “Ping!” The vase broke into pieces. Everyone stared at me and I was frightened. The salesgirl stormed towards me and she looked at me fiercely. She said, “Did you break the vase?” “Yes!” I cried. I felt humiliated. She said that I had to pay for the broken vase.

       I was dismayed and fearful. Suddenly, I saw an earring among the broken pieces of glass. I said, “Wait! There is an earring.” I picked up the earring and showed it to the salesgirl. “It’s not mine,” the salesgirl said. Suddenly, an adult shouted, “Ah! That’s my earring! I dropped it and I searched everywhere but I could not find it! Thank you, little girl. Let me buy you a new vase and I will pay for the broken vase too.” I smiled and said, “I did nothing. You can buy me a new vase but I want to pay for the broken vase.” “You are so responsible, little girl. I wish I could have a daughter just like you!” the lady laughed as she spoke.

       After we paid for the vases, I went home. I saw my mother taking her afternoon nap and I walked into the room quietly. I took a wrapping paper and wrapped up the gift. When it was my mom’s birthday, I took out the vase and gave it to her. I shouted loudly, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mummy! Guess what’s in the wrapping paper? Make a guess, make a guess!” “Is it a cup?” asked Mom. “Nope!” I said. “Is it a pair of shoes?” asked Mom. “Nope!” I said. “I give up!” said Mom. “You will know when you open it, but you must not open it now.” I said happily.

       After the birthday party, Mom opened the birthday present I gave her and she said, “Ah! It…it…it is beautiful! This is the best present I ever had!” “Really?” I shouted as I ran into the room. “Yes! It is the BEST!” said Mom. “What a wonderful daughter you are!”