A Fire
       The stars in the night sky were sparkling beautifully like diamonds in the sky. The wind howled and the leaves rustled. It was already very late and Jerry was still up. He picked up the newspaper and sat on his comfortable sofa to watch a television programme. Jerry lit a cigarette and started smoking. After he had finished smoking, he tossed the cigarette stub into the rubbish bin. There were many pieces of paper in the rubbish bin. The rubbish bin caught fire. The fire spread quickly. Soon, the curtains were in flames too.

       Jerry was so engrossed in the television programme that he did not notice his house was on fire. After a while, he smelt something burning. He turned around and was startled to see smoke coming from the rubbish bin and the curtains.

       Soon, Jerry was choking in the thick smoke as the fire was getting bigger. Suddenly, he saw the fire extinguisher on the floor. He picked it up and started to spray at the fire but it was no use. He looked around for his mobile phone but it was nowhere to be found. Jerry had no choice but to run out of the house.

       Fortunately, there was a public phone booth nearby. He rushed to the booth and called for the fire fighters. Within a few minutes, the fire fighters arrived. The fire fighters extinguished the fire and reprimanded Jerry for being so careless. Jerry learnt a lesson and vowed not to be so careless again.