A Fire
       Mr Ho was a businessman. He usually came home late at night. One night after his hearty dinner, he looked at his watch. It was only 9.50 pm, ten minutes before his favourite show. ‘‘There is still time to buy the newspaper,’’ Mr Ho thought to himself.

       He went to the nearest mini-mart to buy the newspaper. He went home just in time for the show. He switched on the television and enjoyed the show. As Mr Ho was a habitual smoker, he lighted a cigarette and stated to smoke. After he was done, he tossed the cigarette stub carelessly into the bin just near him.

       Mr Ho did not realise the cigarette stub was still lit. There were papers in the bin and they caught fire. Mr Ho was very engrossed in watching the show. He did not notice anything unusual until he smelt something. Something was burning. He turned towards the direction where the smell came from. He gasped. To his horror, he saw the dustbin and the curtain on fire. The furious fire spread quickly and soon the whole house was in flames. He used a fire extinguisher to spray at the flames, trying to put out the fire but to no avail.

       The furious fire got bigger. He went to the bathroom to take some buckets of water to pour at the fire. He was choking in the thick smoke. Luckily the fire got smaller. Soon, it was extinguished. He was relieved that his house was not totally burned. He learnt a lesson and vowed to quit smoking and not to be so careless again.

       Fortunately, there was a public phone booth nearby. He rushed to the booth and called for the fire fighters. Within a few minutes, the fire fighters arrived. The fire fighters extinguished the fire and reprimanded Jerry for being so careless. Jerry learnt a lesson and vowed not to be so careless again.