A Kind Deed
       One day, I went to a big department stall at Minor Road to buy a box of crayons as I did not have the crayons that I needed for my art class. While I was choosing and deciding which box of crayons I should buy, I noticed a little girl who seemed to be lost. She was wandering aimlessly. As I walked closer to her, I realized that she was sobbing uncontrollably. I went over to comfort her. I was wondering what to do with the little girl when an idea struck my mind. I decided to bring her to the information counter. To my dismay, there was no one at the information counter.

       At that time, I spotted a security guard nearby. He was patrolling that area. I ran to the security guard with the little girl. I told the security guard about the little girl and he decided to help me make an announcement.

       The security guard walked to the information counter and spoke into the microphone. He said, “Dear shoppers, we have found a little girl. She has golden hair. She is wearing a green and yellow t-shirt, a blue skirt and a violet jacket. She is about three years old. Will the parents of this child, please come to the information counter at Level 3? Thank you.”

       After a few minutes, the parents of the little girl came to the information counter. They were relieved to see their child safe and sound. They wanted to give me a reward but I refused to accept it.

       I went back to the section which sold stationery and bought a box of crayons. That was the best day I ever had as I had done a kind deed.