An Injured Kitten
       One sunny day, I walked towards the bus stop to take Bus 16 to Orchard Road. Suddenly, I heard a soft mewing from behind the bushes. I was surprised and decided to investigate.

       I quietly walked towards the bushes. I saw a small, skinny kitten. It was injured and limping. I pitied the kitten so I brought it home. I told my parents about the little kitten. My parents told me to take it to a vet.

       After a few days, the kitten recovered from its injuries. I decided to look for its owner. While I was bathing it, I saw that there was a collar on its neck with these words : “Gomy Street, Blk 18, #09-128’. I decided to take it home the next day.

       I woke up early in the morning and packed some sandwiches into my bag-pack. As my favourite doll was damaged, I used the doll pram and put the kitten on the soft cushion. I covered it with a thick blanket and pushed it to Gomy Street.

       It was a long walk towards Gomy Street. After an hour, I reached Gomy Street. I rang the door bell. An old lady came out and saw the kitten in my pram. She said, “So, your have found my kitten! Oh, Cutie!”

       “Well, I found it at the bus stop!” I said.

       “I shall give it to you! Thanks!” said the old lady. She locked her gate and bade me farewell. I was so happy! I told my parents about my new pet. I called it, ‘Luck’, as it was very lucky!