A Lucky Day
       "What a hot and humid day!" Peter exclaimed. He decided to go to an air-conditioned posh restaurant to have a hearty lunch. The heat was unbearable and so Peter walked faster. After a few minutes, he reached the restaurant and went in. He was very comfortable in the restaurant. He looked at the menu, wondering what to eat. The waiter came and asked what Peter wanted. Peter ordered a chicken set lunch.

       Within minutes, the set lunch came. Peter dug into it quickly as he was starving. He gobbled up his food in a flash. He ordered a cup of soft drink and drank it up quickly as he was still feeling very warm. He was very satisfied with his meal.

       Peter then strolled leisurely to the cashier, wondering how much the meal was. When the cashier gave him the bill, he dug his hand into his pocket to reach for his wallet but could not find it. He put his other hand into his other pocket and still, he could not find his wallet there. He was worried and nervous. Peter was about to explain what had happened to the cashier when he felt something in his pocket and took it out.

       Fortunately, it was his credit card. He paid for the meal with his credit card. He was relieved as he had his credit card with him. It was indeed a lucky day for him.