The Magic Wishes
       Once upon a time, there was a secret manor hidden in a dark forest. The forest was eerie and full of monsters and dragons. The manor could not be seen because it was concealed behind a magic wall. There was a girl named Mikaela, who worked for her stepmother for many years. Her stepmother studied magical arts and she would often scold Mikaela if she did not do her chores properly. Mikaela had only a flower vase that her mother had given her. One day, her stepmother saw her polishing her vase. She snatched the vase from her and scolded Mikaela once again. Then the stepmother smashed the vase on the floor.

       Mikaela was upset. She picked up the broken pieces and sped into her room. There, she cried bitterly. When her tears dripped onto the broken pieces, she saw the pieces forming back into a vase. Then a lady appeared. Mikaela was startled but the lady smiled at her sweetly and that made Mikaela feel much better. The lady asked, "Why are you crying?" "My stepmother is abusing me," said Mikaela sorrowfully. "Well, what can I do to teach your stepmother a lesson?" asked the lady. "I want her to give me back what is rightfully mine," said Mikaela. "Your wish is my command!" said the lady. Then the lady disappeared.

       At that very moment, everything changed. Her rags turned into a stunning gown, a tiara appeared on her hair and the vase she was holding turned into a sceptre. Mikaela was delighted! Her whole house became a palace.

       However, her stepmother's clothes became rags. She went to Mikaela and begged for forgiveness for having ill- treated her. Mikaela forgave her with all her heart. The stepmother asked if she could be her servant. Mikaela said, "Well, if you really want to…" Then both of them laughed.