The Mischievous Monkey
       It was a beautiful sunny day. The birds were chirping joyfully. There was a heavenly feeling. Danny and his parents decided to go to the zoo. They were all very excited to see the animals. They went there by car.

       There was a long queue at the ticket counter. After the queue, Danny wanted to see the lions first. One of the lions roared very loudly and they were all frightened when they heard it.

       Next, they went to see the monkeys. A zookeeper was shouting, "Time to feed the monkey - one dollar for three bananas." Danny wanted to feed the monkeys. He told his parents and they asked him to use the money in his wallet. Danny reached for his wallet but it was missing. One of the monkeys had snatched it away.

       Danny shouted worriedly and angrily, "Help! The monkey snatched my wallet!" Danny’s parents heard that and ran as fast as their legs could carry them to see what had happened. Danny burst into tears when he saw his parents. Danny’s father told the zookeeper to take the wallet back from the monkey. The zookeeper went to the mischievous monkey, talked nicely to him and tried to persuade the monkey to give him the wallet. After some time, he managed to take the wallet back.

       The zookeeper apologised and gave the wallet back to Danny. He even gave three free bananas to Danny to feed the monkeys. After that, they went to see the other animals and had a great time.