A Mistake
       “Look! Peter, I found some ripe rambutans on a rambutan tree!” The two boys were going home after school when John saw a rambutan tree and told Peter to help him pluck the rambutans. “Don’t you worry, John,” said Peter, “I am the best when it comes to climbing trees.”

       Peter asked if John would let him stand on his back. John agreed and Peter held onto the tree trunk for support. Finally, he succeeded in climbing up the tree. Halfway through, as he was plucking the rambutans, he saw a beehive. At this time, panic started to engulf him.

       He told John what he had seen on the tree and asked him for advice. John told Peter to get down. Peter followed his advice but he accidentally shook the branch where the beehive was. The bees came out of the hive almost immediately. Peter was stung everywhere on his body. He also fractured his leg. As John could not carry Peter, he had to call for the ambulance, which came in a few minutes.

After a month, Peter was discharged but his leg looked rather funny . Peter regretted climbing the rambutan tree. He vowed never to climb a tree again.

       As for John, he had to pay for Peter’s hospitalization fees, which cost him a year’s pocket money. He was very sad. Peter comforted him and John was very grateful. They remained best friends and did not quarrel for many years.