The Pickpocket
       It was a bright and cozy afternoon. Jasmine was going to take a bus to Jurong East. She waited for the bus for a few minutes and she boarded the bus when it arrived. The bus was crowded and packed with commuters.

       After a few stops, a youth dressed in a red shirt and blue plants boarded the bus. He had a pockmarked face and greasy long hair. He looked very nervous. He turned his head to and fro. He spotted a man looking furious and he saw a wallet in the manís back pocket. Suddenly, the youth bumped into the man. The youth quickly took out the wallet without realizing that Jasmine had seen everything.

       "Hey, there is a pickpocket! Heís wearing a red shirt and blue pants." The man turned his head and saw the youth running off the bus and escaping. Nobody helped. The people on the bus were busy doing their own things. The victim, Mr. Lim, ran as fast as he could to catch the youth but it was too late. The bus had already started to move. Mr. Lim told the bus driver to open the bus-door as he wanted to catch the youth who had picked his wallet. The bus driver did not believe Mr. Lim and said that the bus had to reach the next stop before he could alight.

       Mr. Lim was so angry that he pulled the lever of the emergency exit and it opened. He ran down the bus immediately. He ran and searched the nearby area but the youth had disappeared. Mr. Lim was very disappointed. When he was looking for a place to rest, he saw a wallet. It was his wallet! The youth must have dropped it without realizing it. Mr. Lim was so happy that he bought an expensive watch that cost $108 for his son.