The Pickpocket
       It was a hot, sunny and humid day. My mother, sister and I decided to go to the library. We were very excited because we had never been to library before.

       We went to the bus stop. After a few minutes, the bus came. We boarded the bus. It was overcrowded with passengers but I managed to find a seat when someone got off the bus and I sat down.

       Suddenly, a young man who was wearing a dark pair of sunglasses boarded the bus. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a bright green T-shirt. He stood behind an old man and when he thought no one was watching, his nimble fingers fished out the old man’s wallet from his back pocket.

       From the corner of my eye, I saw what the pickpocket had done. I shouted, “There’s a pickpocket in the bus! He’s wearing a bright green T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.” When the commuters heard what I had said, they tried to nab the pickpocket but it was in vain. The pickpocket was too fast and he got off the bus.

       We immediately got off the bus and chased the pickpocket. After a few minutes, we were all sweating but we decided not to give up. We called the police and continued to run. Within a few minutes, the police came and they helped to chase the thief. But the pickpocket was too fast for the police and us.

       Suddenly, the pickpocket ran up a block of HDB flats. The police ran up the block while we took the lift. Within a few minutes, we had the pickpocket cornered. The pickpocket could not escape so he surrendered. The police brought him to the police station and the wallet was returned to the old man. The old man was so grateful to those who helped to nab the pickpocket that he kept thanking us. Though we could not go to the library because the library had closed, we were happy to help someone in need.