The Poor Puppy
       The brilliant hues of the sun shone in the sky. I was going to Mary's house to do a project. As I walked through an alley, I saw a suspicious-looking box on the floor. I felt curious and decided to find out what was in the box. I went to take a closer look and I noticed that the box was moving! I was surprised.

       Out of fear, I moved back. Suddenly, I heard something whining. I thought, "Is it a monster?" The strange creature came out of the box. It was a puppy! I was relieved. I picked the puppy up and stroked it. The puppy was less frightened. All of a sudden, I felt something dripping from my hand onto the floor. I looked at the puppy's leg and saw that it was bleeding!

       I quickly brought it to the vet nearby. The vet said someone had stepped on the dog. Upon hearing this, I cried. The vet said that the puppy had to be left with him. A few weeks later, I went to visit the puppy. It had fully recovered! I was very happy. Suddenly, something came across my mind, "Who is going to take care of the puppy? My parents do not like animals!"

       After hesitating for a while, I brought the puppy home. When I got home, my parents were shocked to see me holding a puppy in my hand. I told me parents that the puppy was injured and it needed lots of care. My parents pitied the puppy and let me keep it but they advised me to look for its owner.

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       The next day after school, I bathed the puppy. To my surprise, I saw an address on the golden collar round the puppy's neck. "Blk 15, Ghim Moh Rd, #11-33." Although I wanted to keep the puppy, I decided that I had to find its owner and return the puppy to him.

       The next day, I put the puppy in my doll pram and I walked to Ghim Moh Rd. It was a tiring walk. I reached the unit number "11-33" and rang the bell. An old woman opened the door. I asked if the puppy was hers but she said "No!" I was shocked. The old woman said that the previous owner had moved to Jurong and she gave me his address. My heart was filled with disappointment. I took a bus to Jurong. When I found the unit, I knocked on the door. A young man opened the door and said, "Oh! My little precious puppy!" I wanted to return the puppy to him but he said, "Thank you for returning my puppy but I'm too busy to take care of it. I hope you can keep it!" I was very happy.

       When I got home, I told my parents that I had found the owner but he did not want it anymore! My parents decided to let me keep the puppy and I was so excited. I bought a new collar and a blue leash for my puppy!