A Scary Incident
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       I had just eaten a hamburger, some fries and two chicken drumsticks. I had a big supper and my stomach was literally bloated. The night sky howled like a pack of wolves. The night scene seemed to very dark. The moon's eerie glow sent chills down my spine but the sparkling stars that glittered like diamonds soothed me.

       When I went to bed, I was soaked with perspiration and kept on tossing and turning like a ball tied to a rope. My senses were telling me that something was very wrong. I decided to get a glass of ice-cold water to sooth my nerves. As I was going down the stairs, I heard a shriek coming from my sister's room. The silence of the night was broken by this scream. I went in to see what had happened; I saw that my sister's room was splattered with blood. The sight of it made me want to faint but I stayed strong. I saw that she was struggling with pain and her mouth was covered with blood. I ran to my parents' room shouting, "Come now! Li Yi is bleeding."

       In a flash, my parents called for the ambulance. They said there was no available vehicle at that time so we grabbed my sister and ran into the car. My father was driving so fast that a police stopped us. When he saw our bleeding sister, he let us speed all the way to the hospital. When the doctor gave us the diagnosis, it was very bad. He told us that she had swallowed a sharp object and it had pricked the gallbladder which caused the internal bleeding and that she had to go for an operation immediately.

       I sobbed in sorrow as thoughts went through my head. "Would she be alright or would she die?" I could only wait and see. Ten hours later, the doctor said that she was out of danger and would be able to go home after a few days. I jumped in joy on hearing the news. A few days later, my sister was discharged.