A Terrifying Experience
       The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky. The weather was excellent so Hady, Jonathan, Jay and Lai decided to have a picnic at the Sembawang Beach. They went there by public transport.

       At the beach, they saw two logs under a big shady tree. They saw many apples on the tree so each of them plucked an apple from the tree and tasted the apple to see if it was sweet. They were having a whale of a time eating. After they had eaten the apple, they sat on the logs under the tree and chatted for a very long time. Suddenly, Jonathan had a brilliant idea. "Why donít we go for an adventure!" Jonathan exclaimed. The other three boys agreed. They saw a boat vendor and hired a boat from him.

       The boys were very excited and nervous as it was their first time rowing a boat out to sea. They were enjoying themselves tremendously when all of a sudden, the weather looked threatening.

       To their horror, a storm was brewing and soon, dark clouds covered the crystal blue sky. It was raining cats and dogs. The boat tossed about in the stormy sea. The next moment, the strong waves capsized the boat. All the boys were flung into the sea. They did not know how to swim. They shouted frantically for help and were struggling desperately in the watery grave.

       A passer-by on the shore saw what had happened and he called the police as well as tried to save them. Luckily, three of the boys were washed up to the shore but Hady was nowhere to be found. Within minutes, the police arrived. A search party was organized and Hadyís body was recovered. Hadyís three friends as well as his parents were very depressed that Hady had passed away. From then on, the three boys did not dare to go out to sea without adult supervision. It was indeed a terrifying experience for them.