What Luck!
       Whenever I see my little pet puppy, I will remember how I got it. It was a hot evening when I was walking to Tim's house. I was thinking about how to obtain a pet. I really wanted a pet, but my parents did not like pets. Suddenly I saw a cute little box. I walked over to take a closer look.

Tickle the dog
       "Holy cow!" I yelled with surprise because the box was moving! I was curious and decided to investigate. I opened the box with one hand and held a stick with the other hand. Much to my surprise, I saw a cute little puppy. It was playing with a ball which someone had thrown inside the box. The puppy was indeed a cute one and I loved it very much. I decided to take it home but I was in a dilemma. My mother did not like dogs.

       "I will keep it at home no matter how much my mother detests it!" I said to myself while I was walking home. I had forgotten about visiting my friend. When I reached home, my heart was in my mouth because I did not know what my mom would do to the puppy.

       My mom was surprised to see the puppy. She said, "Wow! Son! I am so happy to see the puppy! Well, its owner is willing to give a reward of $5000 to anyone who finds it and returns it to him!" My mom had read the news and was excited about getting the $5000 reward. "Mom, let's bring it to the vet first." "Ok!" she replied.

       The next day, we went to the owner and returned the puppy. We received a reward of $5000. My mother was so happy that she bought me a puppy! We used part of the $5000 to buy my mom a golden ring and my father a pair of new shoes as well. The puppy had brought us luck!