The Camping Trip
       The sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold, spilling light all over the land and the white clouds. My friends and I decided to have a campfire at the beach. My friends, Yugi, Joey, Kristen, Kaiba and I got ready the necessary equipment and we set off.

       When we reached the beach, we saw that there were already a few other people there. There was a cool breeze and the palm trees swayed to the gentle breeze in the warm tropical sunshine. We set to work at once. Yugi, Kaiba and I started to pitch our five-men tent. However, we failed as we were inexperienced and it was our first try. The tent flapped to the ground on our first attempt. After much difficulty, we finally managed to pitch our tent ...

       After we had pitched our tent, we decided to go for a swim. While we were walking towards the sea, a shrill scream pierced the air. We turned our heads and saw that a piece of broken glass was embedded in Joey’s leg. Without further delay , we galvanised into action.

       Yugi, who could run the fastest, dashed towards our tent to get the first-aid kit. The rest of us squatted down. We tried to help Joey by pulling out the piece of glass in his leg. He winced in pain. Yugi was back a moment later. Kaiba, being the most experienced with first aid, bandaged Joey’s leg after applying some antiseptic cream on his leg. Joey gave him a weak smile to show that he was grateful. We let Joey rest on the beach while the rest of us ran to the shore and dived into the water.

       Moments later, we were all playing happily in the water. I thought that all the mishaps had passed but little did I realize that one was going to unfold right under my nose. We were all wading when suddenly Kristen screamed. The rest of us were all shocked and we turned back before heading towards him.

       It turned out that there were a few jellyfish surrounding him, stinging him one by one with their sharp tentacles. He winced in pain with each one of the stings. We carried him back to the shore and checked his body. We discovered that there were numerous stings all over his body. Fortunately, I had some cream for this and I went to take it. I applied some of it on him and he had to keep still for the rest of the day. Soon, it was dusk.

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       As the sun set. The few thin strips of clouds on the horizon turned a shimmering gold. We were all feeling very weary, especially after a day’s work. We decided to eat. Just as we are tucking in, black ominous clouds covered the sky and released a sudden downpour. We were all shocked by this. We started to collect our things and look for shelter. Fortunately, after five minutes of searching, we caught sight of a pavilion nearby. Although we were soaked to the skin, we felt happy that the day ended on a high note as after the shower, a rainbow appeared in the sky and brightened our spirits. We spent a long time admiring it before heading for home.