A Mother's Love
       Whenever I look at my mother, I see her beauty. Every part of her is beautiful except her left hand. Her left hand has two scars and she can't move her thumb and middle finger. I still remember that fateful day which resulted in the deformity ...

       I was at home one evening with my mother. I was in my room doing my homework while my mother was preparing dinner. Suddenly, my mother gave an ear-piercing scream and I dashed out of my room towards the kitchen.

       I was shocked to see a king cobra on the ground. Both my mother and I stood petrified. Then I broke the silence. "Let's run out of the kitchen and shut the door," I said. Both of us ran out and slammed the door with a bang. I ran to the tool shed in our garden and took out my father's axe.

       I quickly ran to the kitchen and my mother followed me. I looked at the snake and the snake looked at me. Suddenly, it slithered across the kitchen towards my leg. My mother who tried to save me dashed forward and blocked its way. Just then, my father arrived. My father stood rooted to the spot. He was shocked to see the cobra.

       The snake curled around my mother's hand. My father and I tried to pull it off, but to no avail. Ten minutes later, my father and I managed to pull the snake off my mother's hand. My father used the axe to kill the snake. Then he threw the snake down the rubbish chute. Later, we took my mother to the hospital. My mother recovered in a week, but her hand had two scars and she could not move her thumb and middle finger.

       That incident taught me a lesson. Mothers love their children and would risk their lives just to save them. I realized how important mothers are. My mother will always have a special place in my heart. I would never forget how she had blocked the snake to protect me.