The Mysterious Box
       “Dad, look what I have found!” I exclaimed excitedly at the sight of the box. Dad and I were clearing out some old boxes and bags in the storeroom, and I came across a shimmering box. Out of curiosity, I decided to open the box as there might be treasure inside.

       “Hold it, Jess! Don’t open that box! My friend gave that to me a few years ago. He said that you will get seven years of bad luck if you open it,” Dad warned sternly. I shrugged my shoulders and said nothing else about the box.

       Dusk fell and night came. “What’s in the box? Why won’t Dad allow me to open it?” These questions raced through my mind. I could not stop thinking about the mysterious box. “Oh, how bad can it get? Maybe Dad’s lying. I am opening it, no matter what!” I thought wickedly.

       My eyes glittered with joy as I slowly opened the box. It was actually a bag of gold coins! My jaw dropped as I saw the shimmering gold coins. “I’m rich! These gold coins must be worth a lot of money!” I thought. I carefully kept the precious coins in a small box in my room, thinking of how much stuff I could purchase with it.

       “Jess, where’s the box that you j found yesterday? Did you take it?” Dad asked, pacing back and forth in the house. “No Dad, how could I possibly take it? It’s seven years of bad luck, you know,” I lied innocently.

       I skipped and leapt high off the ground as I walked home from school. I smiled to myself, contented that I had found the gold coins. "Bang! CRASH!!" a terrible noise filled the air. The shock robbed me of speech. I experienced a nasty feeling as though I was going to faint. Blood patches were everywhere. I squinted and noticed the car plate number. I could not believe my eyes. Dad’s car had just knocked into a tree! I dashed towards his car, and to my horror, Dad was lying in a pool of blood, unconscious.

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       Tears began to roll down my cheeks like scattered pearls. “Dad, I’m sorry I lied! I opened the box and kept the coins inside it!” I cried helplessly.

       The siren of the ambulance pierced the air. Dad was sent to the hospital in no time. I was too shocked to utter a word, and stood rooted to the ground.

       Dad was paralysed a few days later. I burst into tears and stuffed the gold coins into the rubbish bin furiously. Raindrops started to tap nervously on the window sill. Sometimes even heaven could not hold back its tears either ...