My Life As A Cockroach
       Hello everyone! I am a cockroach. My name is Roachie. I look like other ordinary cockroaches - brown and black with fine long feelers. I have a pair of strong wings which enable me to fly. I also have three pairs of hairy legs.

       I am considered lucky to make my home in a dark corner of a house as most of my friends live in rubbish bins. They can get emptied into a garbage truck when the garbage collectors come. You must also know that we, cockroaches, detest human beings as they have caused the deaths of our friends and families.

       I eat almost everything from rotten things to leftovers. My daily routine starts at night when almost everyone in the neighbourhood is asleep. I look for my food and carry it to my home to eat, lest I get killed by my enemies.

       During the day, I spend most of my time sleeping. Other times, I spend my time planning my food search, such as where to hide the food when someone comes along. When I am neither sleeping nor planning, I peep out of my corner to watch the people I am living with. They are like giants to me as I am so tiny in comparison. Now, let me tell you one of my experiences …

       It was just like any other night. I peeped out of my corner to check if the coast was clear as I did not want to end up killed by the people in the house. I crept quietly to the kitchen and was just about to reach the table in search of food when the lights flickered. I immediately knew that someone had come into the kitchen. My senses told me to hide but as I was blinded by the sudden brightness for a few seconds, I froze. I could vaguely make out the faint figure of a woman when I heard a scream!

       At once, I spread open my wings and flew up to the ceiling. From the position I was in, I could see that it was the lady of the house! I sniggered and thought, “Ha! She is afraid of me ! Now, I can scare her.” With that I swooped down at her face. She screamed so loudly that the window- pane rattled! Then I heard footsteps coming. Taking one last look , I saw that she had her face shielded with her hands. I ran for cover immediately after that.

       That night I had to go hungry as I felt that I could not risk my life again!