A Day at The Beach
       As I stepped onto the sandy beaches, I was greeted by a flock of seagulls soaring across the horizon. The cool refreshing breeze lapped gently against my face. An air of saltiness filled my nostrils. My friends and I were at the East Coast Park for a picnic. “What a panoramic view of the beach!” I exclaimed in elation.

       After we had laid down our things, I stared at the sea. The crystal–clear water seemed to invite us for a dip. As it was too tempting to resist, we immediately changed into our swimming trunks. After swimming for a short while, I felt ravenous. I went to shore, and tucked into a sumptuous spread. While gobbling up the chicken wings, a little shadow was cast on my food. I looked up and saw a four-year-old boy. He was staring blankly at me.

       Out of curiosity, I blurted out “Wh ... What ... hap ... happened?” before I could even finish my question, he burst into tears. They flowed uncontrollably down his sun–burnt cheeks.

       I sensed that something serious had happened. In between sobs, he muttered a few words. But I could not comprehend a single word he was uttering. His index finger kept pointing towards rocky shores at a distance. I grabbed his trembling hand and dashed towards the rocky shores. I called out to my friends to join us. As I ran closer, the entire view unfolded before my very eyes.

       There were two motionless bodies lying on the sides of the rocks. Blood was oozing out of the wound on their foreheads. I then realised that while swimming, the boy’s parents must have knocked against the rocks and then were washed up on the rocks. I was scared out of my wits. My blood–curdling screams attracted the merry-makers and they scurried towards the scene. I dialed for the ambulance. As the two bodies were lying in a precarious position, a few onlookers and my friends heaved the two heavy bodies on the shore.

       As fortune’s wheel was on our side, the ambulance arrived immediately after we had completed our laborious task.

Drag to help us to the hospital
       While the ambulance attendants applied first–aid on the victims, I switched my gaze to the little boy. He was praying fervently for his parents. When his parents regained consciousness, he gave me a look in his eyes which expressed his heartfelt thanks. While the paramedics wheeled the victims off to the hospital, the crowd applauded us for our public-spiritedness. The thunderous, ongoing applause seemed to sychronise with the sound of the waves. The ‘music’ was so melodious that my spirit was lifted high. Never had I felt so glorious and triumphant in my life.