A Blackout
       "Do you want to go and watch the latest movie?" I asked my two buddies, Belinda and Yun Ying.

       "Sure, meet you at 3 pm!" replied Yun Ying and Belinda in unison.

       As I walked under the scorching sun on the way home, I thought of the type of clothes I should wear to the cinema.

       We bought three tickets and rushed into Theatre 3 for the movie. We bought some snacks and drinks too.

       As the movie came to the most exciting part, all of us were at the end of our seats when all of the sudden, the whole theatre plunged into complete darkness and the screen went blank! We thought it was part of the movie to heighten the excitement but after two slow minutes, we felt that something was amiss.

       Every one in the theatre murmured among themselves and sighs of frustrations and anger could be heard. Someone even let out a string of expletives!

       As the ventilation in the theatre was getting worse, we decided to get up from our seats to go out of the theatre. However, the door was locked and we could not open it. We panicked. We banged on the door wondering what was happening.

       "Could this blackout be a terrorist attack?" I wondered. Being timid and cowardly, the three of us were frightened and we shivered with fear.

       Out of the blue, a voice came from the speaker in the theatre, "Everyone! Relax! There is a blackout and the door can only be activated electronically so you cannot get out. The firemen are on their way, so please remain in your seats until they arrive."

       In a few minutes, the firemen arrived. They pried open the door and we rushed out for some fresh air.

       After some investigations, it was found that the blackout was caused by a short circuit.

       This was definitely the best movie I had ever watched because I got to watch the whole movie again with my classmates as the manager of the cinema had given us a compensation for the blackout.

       It was still worth it after all!