A Blackout
       Whenever I go to the cinema with my friend, I will recall an unfortunate incident that happened two years ago ...

       "Sure, meet you at 3 pm!" replied Yun Ying and Belinda in unison.

       The sky was an expanse of azure blue dotted with magnolia white clouds. There was a cool breeze and the palm trees outside my house were swaying in rhythm in the warm tropical sunshine. Ali and I decided to watch a movie at a nearby cinema.

       When we reached the cinema, we were in high spirits as it was the first time that we could watch a movie together. As the movie was screened, we enjoyed ourselves as it was a comedy and we had a whale of a time.
A whale of a time

At the most exciting part, the screen suddenly went blank and the whole hall was plunged into darkness. It was pitch dark and we could not even see our fingers! The only lights we could see were the exit signs just above the doors. Fear gripped us and in the darkness we reached out and grabbed each other's hand for comfort. There were screams all around the cinema hall and a sudden shrill scream pierced the air. It was chaotic. We could hear footsteps all around us. People were trying to get out of the place as they thought that some great calamity had occurred in the cinema.

       Out of nowhere, a man, who was probably the manager, made an announcement. We could only hear his voice in the dark but it was soothing. He calmed the people down and told them to remain seated. He explained that there was a technical fault and once corrected, the screening of the film would resume. We were relieved to hear that and every one made their way back to their seats very slowly in the dark.

       After a short while, the screening resumed and everyone cheered loudly. It was an incident I will never forget.