The Burglary
       “John, can you go down to the grocery shop and buy a packet of peas for me?” asked my mother. “Sure!” I replied. I changed into my T-shirt and jeans and set off.

       It was a dark night and the stars were twinkling in the dark night sky. I bought the packet of peas from the 24 hour grocery shop and trudged home. I gave my mother the packet of peas and went to my room.

       Suddenly, I heard my dog, Rover, barking in his kennel just below my window. I took a glance out of the window to see what was happening and got a shock. A man, whose back was facing me, was climbing up the fence of Mr Tan’s house, just opposite my house!

       I thought I was seeing things and blinked my eyes. But, I still saw a man climbing over the fence into Mr Tan’s house. The man was wearing a red T-shirt and black jeans. He was carrying a bag and wearing black shoes. I thought that he looked suspicious. “Who would climb over a fence into a house so late in the night,” I thought to myself.

       I decided that it was time for immediate action. I told my mother that there was a stranger climbing into the house of Mr Tan. My mother was shocked. She told me to call the neighbourhood police post. I did as my mother told me, and in a minute’s time, I heard a siren. The police had arrived!

       By then, the stranger was about to climb into the window of Mr Tan’s house. As quick as lightning, the police jumped over the fence and caught the stranger red-handed. I got a shock when I saw who the stranger was. It was none other than Mr Lee, the unfriendly and unpopular caretaker in our school, River Lane Primary School! Mr Lee looked ashamed of himself when the police caught him. He confessed that he was trying to steal Mr Tan’s money. He had owed some loan sharks money and felt that he had no choice but to steal from people.

       Since Mr Tan was on a holiday to Hongkong, Mr Lee had taken the risk and had tried to break into his house. Mr Lee was sentenced to jail for two years. The next day, the words “42-year-old man caught while trying to steal” were on the headlines of the front page of the newspaper.

       This incident taught me that we could choose our actions, but we could not choose our consequences. Mr Lee had chosen to steal, and he ended up in jail.