An Embarrassing Incident
       The moon shone brightly as the stars hung high in the sky. “What a wonderful night it would be if I could go to the movies with my friends, “ I mumbled. Anger began to build up as I looked at the pile of work in front of me. It looked as tall as Mount Everest. I could not believe that the day turned out to be so unlucky. My mother was not pleased with my marks for the examinations and she forced me to do extra assessments. I reluctantly opened the mathematics revision book and started doing. I sighed loudly as I pictured myself at the cinema watching a movie.

       Two hours of work made me tired. I went to take a shower so as to freshen up. After a cool and relaxing shower, I continued with my work. At the sound of my father’s car approaching, I looked out of the window and to my surprise, I saw a faint figure of a man hanging on my neighbour, Mrs Li’s balcony. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. He was still there. I thought that I was dreaming and I pinched my hand. I realised that the man was really there!

       Horror overcame me and I started to wonder who he was. As the figure climbed onto the balcony and into the house, I became scared. I thought that he was a burglar. I took up the telephone and called the police. While waiting for the police, I informed my parents about the situation. They told me to keep an eye on the happenings in Mrs Li’s house.

       Soon, the siren of the police car rang high into the air. I waited to see if the burglar would try to escape but nothing came in sight. The police surrounded the house and used a loud hailer to ask the burglar to surrender.

       Mrs Li woke up to see what the commotion was all about. She was shocked and surprised when the police officer told her that a burglar was seen climbing into the house through the balcony. At this moment, a burly man came out of the house yawning. I recognized him as the burglar and I shouted, “Officer, that’s the burglar!” Mrs Li cried out, “No, how can it be? He’s my brother!” My jaws dropped.

       The police questioned Mrs Li and her brother and found out that her brother was a gambler and she was angry with him for gambling away her hard earned money and took away his key. As he did not have a place to sleep, he finally resorted to climbing into the house. Once I heard this, I immediately apologized to him. I was so embarrassed that my face turned as red as a tomato.

       From that day onwards, I always avoided Mrs Li and her brother as I am too embarrassed to talk to them. As for my neighbour’s brother, he turned over a new leaf and stopped gambling. This was such an embarrassing incident that I would never forget it.