The Fight
       The sun shone mercilessly even though magnolia white clouds covered the sky. I was on my way to my aunt’s house. The hot sun caused me to slow down my footsteps. Perspiration trickled down my cheek as I walked. On the way, I passed by the basketball court near my aunt’s house. I saw my two close friends, Joseph and Joshua ,who were twins. I greeted them in a cheerful tone and sat down on a bench for a rest as I was very tired.

       Joshua and Joseph were very alike. They had the same hobby, the same interest and they looked very alike. There was nothing different about their looks, not even their height and weight. Both of them were good in basketball and they had brought glory to our school many time when they won the basketball matches. However, both of them were very hot- tempered and they would always quarrel at the slightest provocation. Just as I was leaving to continue my journey, something happened.

       They were talking together happily when Joshua mentioned that Joseph was a “hot tempered silly guy” which Joseph resented. Joshua added, “It’s true. You’re hot-tempered! You are also silly and always causing trouble because of your hot temper.” Joseph lost his temper on the spur of the moment and started criticizing Joshua. They ended up shouting at the top of their voices and scolding each other with vulgar languages! Soon after, they started fighting, punching and kicking each other.

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       Soon, the fight become worse and blood was trickling down their noses. I shouted at the top of my voice asking them to stop fighting but it was in vain. They did not even bother about me. They went on fighting and the situation was getting worse. Using my initiative, I ran with all my might to the Neighbour hood Police Post opposite the basketball court to ask for help.

       In less than a minute, a policeman was at the basketball court trying to stop the fight. I chased after the policeman for all that I was worth. I arrived panting vigorously. The policeman ran up to them and shouted at them to stop fighting. Joshua and Joseph did not bother about the policeman and they continued to fight. The policeman went even nearer to them and he was accidentally hit on the face by Joseph who was aiming the punch at Joshua. As the policeman was also hot-tempered, he retaliated and was soon fighting with Joshua and Joseph. I knew I had to stop the fight, but how? I racked my brain for ideas, but nothing good came into my mind. I tried pouring oil on troubled waters by pulling the three apart, but I fell instead. I racked my brains even harder to think of ways to solve this problem.

       I finally came up with a foolproof plan. Joshua and Joseph were extremely afraid of their mother, so I shouted “Joshua, Joseph, your mum is here!” Upon bearing that, they stopped fighting. They looked at each other. Then they looked down at the floor, ashamed of what they had done. The policeman and I brought Joshua and Joseph to the nearest clinic. After the doctor at the clinic had treated their injuries, the policeman brought them to the police post for questioning. After they were brought to the police post , I went to my aunt’s house, tired and happy as I had stopped Joseph and Joshua from fighting.