A Getaway
       It was a boring day at school. While waiting for our Physical Education to start, we made a fool of ourselves. We were close to sleeping when we heard the loud screech of a motorcycle, followed by a blaring siren. Having been shaken awake by the hubbub, we all rushed outside despite the teacher's warnings.

       When I reached the school gate, I saw two men on an expensive-looking motorcycle being chased by a police car. When the rider passed me, he dropped an onyx black leather bag close to the pavement. Looking at the panic on the motorcyclist and his companion, I figured that they were in a hurry to escape. As my school was along the road, my eyes followed them until they reached the other end.

       Suddenly, a loud bang filled the air followed by a few piercing screams. Apparently, the police had shot the wheel of the motorcycle and the motorcycle skidded to a stop, crashing into a tree. The police handcuffed the two men and yanked open the bag they were holding. When I saw what was inside, my eyes almost popped out. Inside were the sacred jewels of Ancient Egypt found in the museum. After the police had left, we went back to our classes to finish our work.

       Our teacher punished us by not letting us have our precious Physical Education period. How could she blame us for being curious about the incident? I mean, how often do you get to witness a getaway?