A Memorable Incident
       I was walking down an alley, which was meant to be a short cut, with my brother, Peter. Though it was empty and deserted, we decide to take the risk, just for the sake of convenience.

       Suddenly, we saw a masked man dashing in our direction. As we thought he was after us, we immediately hid behind some potted plants. We were both trembling in fright and cold sweat was trickling down our foreheads. Through the gaps, I was able to steal glimpses of the scene. I was relieved that the man was not after us. He seemed to be running away from something and kept looking back to see if anyone was trailing him. In his haste, he tripped over a fallen twig and lost his balance, spilling the bag’s contents on the stony ground. He instantly scooped the gold, silver and crystals up as if he were scooping the sand on the beach.

       With all the clues gathered, we concluded that he was a robber! We decided to trail him from a distance. In a couple of minutes, we came to a dilapidated house in Lim Chu Kang. We saw the man stepping into the house. The area surrounding the house were overgrown with weeds. It was such a filthy condition that we wondered if anyone would live there. We hid behind the outer walls of the house and peeped into a crack on the wall.

       Peter was feeling cowardly and pestered me to leave this eerie and deserted place. “Look at the cob ... cobwebs ...” he stammered. He was pale and shivering with fright. I could hear his heart thumping and see his goose bumps popping crazily. I tried to change his mind. I wanted to do something adventurous. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. My face lit with enthusiasm and I could feel the excitement mounting within me. I looked through the crack and saw heaps of gold lying on the floor. The robber’s eyes were glittering with greed as he was counting his possessions.

       To my horror, I saw weapons lying on the floor. I knew that he was up to no good. Peter dashed towards the nearest phone booth at breakneck speed and dialled for police assistance. The policemen arrived at the scene and put up a fierce struggle with the man. Finally, they managed to subdue him and then they handcuffed him.

       Peter and I saw the policeman and the handcuffed man vanishing into the waiting police car. Both of us were glowing with pride. The police inspector beside us commented us for our bravery and quick thinking. I was in seventh heaven on accomplishing a good deed. Had it not been for our civic-mindedness, a pile of treasure would have disappeared mysteriously. This memorable incident would be irrevocably etched in my mind.